2024 Sound Medicine Online Auction

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Welcome to the “Sound Medicine” Silent Auction!

We are excited to offer “Sound Medicine,” a beautifully painted cello by Detroit artist Sabrina Nelson. This unique piece of art is up for auction through a silent auction, where bids are submitted quietly without an auctioneer.

You can place your bid online using the form below or in person at our concerts. We’ll update the highest bid on this page each day. The winner will be announced at the Closing Night Reception on June 22. You don’t need to be present to win – we’ll notify the highest bidder.

Join us in this special opportunity to own “Sound Medicine.” Happy bidding!

Sabrina Nelson’s Sound Medicine delves into the profound connection between spirit, motion, and intimacy within the realm of healing. Influenced by Yoruba Religion, alongside Eastern and African philosophies, her multidimensional approach transcends traditional boundaries, encompassing painting, sculpture, objects, performance, and installations.

With over 35 years of professional experience and a dedication to education, Sabrina aims to inspire and empower others through her art. As a studio art teacher at the Detroit Institute of Arts and a staff member at the College for Creative Studies, she instills in her students the belief that art is not only a creative outlet but also a tool for healing and transformation.

Through Sound Medicine, viewers are invited to contemplate the innate power within themselves and their communities to heal. Each stroke of the brush, or stroke of the bow, serves as a reminder of the abundant connections available to us for healing-resources found within ourselves, each other, and the natural world.

View Sabrina Nelson’s artist bio here.

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at the Opening Night Dinner on June 9, 2024.