On Sale Now: Vignette Series

Experience chamber music in the setting it was originally performed: the intimacy of people’s homes.

The Vignette Series is an intimate experience featuring Festival artists performing in homes and small venues. All proceeds directly benefit the upcoming Festival season. The gathering usually includes about 45 minutes of music, 15 minutes of artists speaking, and an hour or two of socializing.

Vignettes are an excellent opportunity to meet both the artists and others who are also interested in classical music. Food and drink is provided.

  • vignette-1-shai-wosner
  • vignette-2-njioma-zhihua
  • Vignette 3 - Tessa Lark

Watch our Festival Stories

Every summer, the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival brings together the world’s finest musicians to offer extraordinary musical performances and experiences. Our “Festival Stories” are short videos which celebrate and preserve the intimate musical dialogue that is unique to chamber music. Taking listeners beyond their seats in the audience, cinematographer Zac Nicholson chronicles the Festival, its performers and their unique experiences both on and off stage.

Announcing the 2024 Festival Theme: Creative Connections

The Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival is thrilled to present “Creative Connections” as the theme for our 31st season.  Our stages will come alive with a captivating mix of artists and repertoire that transcends boundaries and gracefully crosses over into the heart of traditional chamber music. “Creative Connections” is a testament to the idea that when musicians from various backgrounds converge, they weave together a rich and vibrant tapestry, forging a deeper understanding of our shared human experience. Join us on this musical journey as we seek to highlight the beauty of collaboration, the fusion of diverse genres, and the universal language that is chamber music.

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