Pelia String Quartet

Shouse Ensemble

Formed in September 2019, the Pelia String Quartet is composed of doctoral students from the Music Department at Stony Brook University.

The highlight of the 2020-2021 season was being chosen as the resident string quartet for the State University of New York (SUNY) Artist Residency. The year-long residency focused on enriching and mentoring young musicians. Members of the Pelia String Quartet taught private lessons, coached chamber ensembles, and created a curriculum of lectures and demonstrations. The quartet specifically designed the curriculum to teach aspects of playing in a string quartet and how to work together in a chamber ensemble. The culmination of the SUNY residency was a final concert and Q & A session which was broadcast via the internet to hundreds of students at several schools and youth orchestras.

Since its inception, the Pelia String Quartet has been studying at the Emerson String Quartet Institute at Stony Brook University where the ensemble is coached by the Emerson String Quartet and David Finckel.


Sponsored by: Kathleen O’Toole Schein & Randolph Schein


May 2022